Saturday, August 7, 2010

Uh, @SarahPalinUSA, Looks Like You’ve Got Another “Tea Party American” to “Refudiate”

Well, our good friend the Half Term Governor may find this interesting. It seems that while a federal judge in Arizona recently enjoined the worst aspects of that state’s infamous S.B. 1070 – the law that requires local law enforcement to ask for proof of citizenship or alien status whenever they stop someone whom they “reasonably believe” might be in the U.S. illegally – Arizona Tea Partiers are more fired up than ever. Witness this, a planned August 15, 2010 rally in the border town of Hereford:

The organizers of the event describe the even this way:

The United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally’s purpose is to show support for Arizona and its rights to enforce the ‘Immigration Laws’ that the Federal Government won’t. SB1070 is a common sense law that enables Arizona to enforce federal law on illegal immigration.

Which might sound prosaic enough, were it not for this:

Local AZ Carpooling Coordinators:

Phoenix: Chris Flowers (Click to contact)

Tuscon: Tony Venuti (Click to contact)

Because as it turns out, this Tony Venuti – one of the apparent organizers of the United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally – has some rather interesting (one might say, repulsive) views on race in modern day America. Take it away, Tony:

The Abomination and the Abolishment of Slavery

To all of the Black/Negro professionals athletes and media star, I say the following
….where would they have been without that abomination slavery…..think about it…..I know it hurts…but still…where would you be….

African leaders THEMSELVES are co-conspirators of this abomination called Slavery. We will convince you that you should……you must..

Stay down, we will take care of you, you are the leg to which we stand.

just make sure you know WHO is BUTTERING your bread….Yes as my mouth is Wattering in success, I’m Buttering your bread please don’t forget that I enable you.

Yes, that’s right. Mr. Venuti thinks that African Americans benefited from slavery, because without it they would never have come to America and become … wait for it … professional athletes and media stars! Plus, Mr. Venuti says, “African leaders” are trying to convince African Americans to “stay down” and are “enabling” … what, exactly? Poverty? Discrimination? The lack of equal opportunities? Mr. Venuti’s rambling tract doesn’t quite clarify that point.

But wait, there’s more:

Again, Whitey’s think about it….give yourself some credit…..If those poor souls, the first slaves, the true victims, if they were to come back to witness ..
first hand, generations ahead, the 2 minute time clock of the Super Bowl or the NBA Championship watching one of their own,… 10 score forward,…. make the grade…
what do you think great, great, great, great grandfathers thoughts might be? Don’t know…well perhaps …talking story…..

So, um, African Americans are responsible for the two minute warning? So, who’s responsible for the rule that says the half can’t end on a defensive penalty, huh? That’s what I want to know.

But so, anyway, Mr. Venuti’s on a roll:

Open your eyes “White America”….it is inability to face these questions and to talk about the bitterness we all feel from both sides of the racial issue.
The racial issue is simple…I’m more concerned with Human Relations we are all failing at…and in this “Error of Obama” notwithstanding,

We are risk of losing the very nation that we struggled to become…overnight…..and we did it to ourselves…

.wake up…Black and White America

Look at all of the Black/Negro professionals athletes and media stars….where would they have been without that abomination slavery…..think about it…..

I know it hurts…but still

Think about it!

Well, sir, I am thinking about it. I’m thinking about the fact that you keep saying African Americans, whom you call “Negroes,” should be thankful for slavery. And the more I think about it, the more my brain hurts. Please make it stop.

Anyway, here’s the thing. Sarah Palin likes to say that “Tea Party Americans” have been “falsely accused” of racism, but I’m having a hard time seeing how Mr. Venuti – one of the organizers of next week’s United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally – isn’t treading on the same racist ground over which Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder waddled back in 1988. It’s really simple, my fellow white folks: If you try to excuse slavery by saying it was good for black folks, you’re a racist. And that, Ms. Half Term Governor, is something worthy of “refudiation.”

(By the way, a major tip of the old helmet to my good friend, Jesus’ General, who brought Mr. Venuti’s work to my attention via Twitter.)


  1. Watch what happens. They'll refudiate this guy (disown him in Palin-speak) and in a few weeks, he'll be working with Mark Williams on another Republican party fund raising gambit.

  2. Why aren't we past this kind of shit, Dave? Way, way past? I mean, that's all I got. I can't wrap my head around this kind of bullshit being out there in this day and age. I'll turn the snark back on now...if I can find the switch.

  3. Awesome. How many of these do u need to get together for Andrew Breitbart to give you the 25k or whatever proving the t party is racist

  4. You did spell my name correctly. Perhaps you would like to interview me or would you prefer the continuation of the foam sliding from the edges of your mouths....
    I'm happy to debate anyone qualified in "human decency" to contact me directly. It won't hurt...
    It is hard to "get past" facts.