Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time for Self-Refudiation: @SarahPalinUSA Goes Full-Metal Bigot

Really, it was bound to happen. Staring down the end of another long hot summer of right-wing craziness – last year it was the health-care-town-hall insanity; this year it’s mosques and gay marriage – it was just bound to happen. Right-wingers have been race-bating so long, skirting right up to the edge of common decency and beyond … you had do know that one of ’em was going to lose it; that one of ’em was going to embrace his or her Inner Bircher and go full-on racist.

Enter “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger, a self-professed advice-giver/relationship specialist with a PhD in … physiology? Anyway, last week “Dr.” Schlessinger went on a now-infamous rant all full of n-wordy-goodness, explaining to an African American caller who was offended by her white husband’s friends’ racist remarks that black folks are just too darn sensitive about race; that African American comics on HBO (that, apparently, being the gold standard of African American culture to “Dr.” Laura) use the n-word regularly, so it’s okay for a right-wing white radio host to do the same … and ultimately telling the caller, “If you’re that hypersensitive about color and don’t have a sense of humor, don’t marry out of your race.”

Yeah. Um. Sure. It’s only Two-thousand-friggin’-ten. If you’re in an interracial relationship you’d better expect to face racist interrogations by alleged friends of your spouse. So, suck it up!

Of course, even the usually unapologetic “Dr.” Laura quickly realized she’d taken a long walk off a short pier, career-wise; so, she came back the next day, metaphoric tail between her legs, saying:

I was attempting to make a philosophical point, and I articulated the “n” word all the way out - more than one time. And that was wrong. I’ll say it again - that was wrong.

So she acknowledged she was wrong to say the n-word, but she stood by the rest of her rant – including her comments to the effect that African Americans are too sensitive about race and that if you marry “outside your race” you should expect to face a racial inquisition every time you get together with your spouse’s friends.

Hey, “Dr.” Laura, 1967 called. It wants its racially charged dinner party back.

Meanwhile, “Dr.” Laura’s apology tour continued earlier this week when she appeared on Larry King’s show on CNN. Once again, she said she felt bad that she’d offended people, but nonetheless reaffirmed her view that African Americans are too sensitive, and she went on to tell King she intends to leave her radio program at the end of the year to “regain [her] First Amendment rights.” Oy. Because, you see, conservatives have the First Amendment right not to be criticized for the insanely stupid things they say. Got it?

Anyway, you’d expect “Dr.” Laura to have become a pariah on the right, especially after the Breitbart/Palin/Tea Party wing of the Republican Party spent the entire summer insisting they’re not racists while calling anyone who criticizes them … racist. After all, if they really want to prove their racial neutrality, their “color blindness” as they like to say, you’d think Sarah’d get out her Big Book of Refudiation and throw it at the n-word-spewing, interracial-marriage dissing “Dr.” Laura. Right?


Allow me to translate from Palin-Speak to English: “Dr. Laura – don’t retreat, reload. ([Schlessinger] Step[ped] aside [because] her First Amend[ment] [rights] ceased [to] exist [thanks to] activists trying [to] silence [her] [and that] ‘isn’t American, [and it’s] not fair’).” I’m not sure who Palin was quoting when she said “isn’t American, not fair”; maybe it was the voices in her crazy-scary right-wing head.

But, so, between opposing the construction of the Park 51/Cordoba House project in lower Manhattan – which necessarily means she equates all Muslims with the 9/11 attackers (and that folks, is the very definition of racism) – and endorsing “Dr.” Laura’s views on race and interracial marriage, what else can you say about the Half-Term Wonder? She’s finally showing her true colors (pardon the pun); she’s finally putting down the dog whistle and shouting out loud: I’m a bigot and I’m proud of it!

Glad we got that cleared up.

Garland Jeffreys’ 1973 tribute to New York City, “Wild in the Streets,” also included on his 1977 album, Ghost Writer.


  1. So on point. But at least her bigotry is out in the open. There is no way she can when the Presidential election now!

    I hope she continues to tweet herself out of public discourse!

  2. Yes, the crazy has escalated. I enjoyed your post because you are a)right (meaning I agree with you!!), b) you are a good speller and writer, c)you do fact-checking, and d) you say it with humor and style so it's readable. Keep it up!
    I shall now commence to stalk you on Twitter.

  3. This horrid, rancid and decaying rot of a woman who let HER OWN MOTHER lay DEAD, DECAYING and FESTERING for A WEEK while she lived in wealth and comfort less than ONE MILE away, is it she, this good Fraulin Doktor, is she the one of whom we shall speak tonight?

    Of this we can be certain: That mean, nasty, SKANKY bitch is in much greater danger of dying of organ failure tied to her severe anorexia than she is of losing any of the protections afforded her and All Americans under the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Bitch may have lost her JAY. OH. BEE., but even a cursory examination of the facts at issue here reveal her constitutional rights--all of them--are and remain inviolate.

    In other words...
    She can fucking say any fucking thing she fucking wants to say any fucking time she wants to fucking say it.

    Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck. (Nice sentence there if I do say so, myself. A real keeper that. One for the journal!)

    However, (and this is the important part) if she fucking says it on the fucking air, she's fucked, because on the electric radio--where there happen to be one million ways to get fired: Program Director's a dick...Program Director who's a dick changed the fucking format so now they don't need you anymore and so forth and so on, it happens that one of those one million ways to lose your job is to say "nigger" into a hot mic. Do it and it's, "See 'ya!" Your boss will fire you on the spot and that's a fact Jack!

    It is, of course, his right as the employer in a private company to hire and fire at will, is it not Ms. Palin?

    So...Why does Sarah Palin hate the free enterprise system? Why does Sarah Palin hate America? These are the real questions.

  4. LESSONS FOR SARAH: Africa is a continent, not a country. South Africa is a country, not the southern part of the country of Africa. NAFTA means "North American Free Trade Agreement." The countries in North America are Mexico, America, and Canada; therefore those are the three countries in NAFTA. See its easy to learn Sarah, or maybe you've got something going making more money than me being a public idiot.

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