Monday, July 19, 2010

"Refudiating" Sarah Palin

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Palingates has a series of tweets you absolutely must read, but I'll give you a few samples

It all started with the Refudiator herself, Former Half-Gov Illiterata McLackBrain. She decided today would be a swell day to get on the Twitter Machine and confirm her utter stupidity.

Let's take a peek at her first in a run of doltish tweets:

Interestingly, even Illiterata realized how Bush-like she sounded and deleted the original tweet. But not before Little Green Footballs grabbed that screen shot.

And we thought Boy Georgie was a moron.

Nonetheless, McLackBrain couldn't suppress her urge to come up with what she must have thought was the ultimate comeback:

"Got to" drop my jaw upon reading how Illiterata just compared herself to one of the most mindless men alive, one of the most intelligent, and ... ... Shakespeare forgodsake!

And finally, one more excerpt, but again, you'll miss out on all the fun if you don't follow the Palingates link to the whole run.

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